Honda was originally founded in 1946, but since 1955 they have been Japans largest motorcycle dealer.

Since this they have continued to get bigger and bigger, in 1982 Honda had manufactured almost 3 million motorbikes. In the 1960's Honda still being a small company, started exporting to the US. This is what seemed to make Honda take off as a company. Honda have created some legendary bikes over the years, most notable will be the CBR600, CBR1000, the Goldwing’s and the Super Cub.

With top name riders racing on Hondas the name is seen around a lot, riders such as Alex Lowes & Ryuichi Kiyonari racing in the BSB. In the Rocket Centre's case, the Motocross side is more important, with riders such as Zach Osborne, Justin Bogle, Blake Wharton, Justin Barcia and Malcolm Stewart all racing.

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