Touring Boots

Providing a combination of comfort, support, protection and weather resistance, Touring Boots are a rider’s best friend in the rain or cold. Unmatched for their all-day riding comfort, our robust range of boots gives you all the support you need in the areas you need it most - allowing you to ride further and longer with the minimum of fuss.

The taller design of Touring Boots are not only great for protection, but also help to combat the elements too. Available in mens and ladies sizes, our collection of motorcycling footwear from the industry-leaders is jam-packed with special features, including, waterproof and breathable membranes, reinforced heels, toes and ankle protection, CE certifications, polymer shin plates, and advanced ergonomics.

If you’re finding yourself in a conundrum and looking for some advice on which boot to choose, please feel free to contact one of our experts ...we’re always happy to help.


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