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Sometimes you don’t want the bulk of motorcycle boots weighing you down. You just want to be able to jump off the back of your bike and blend in with the crowd. That’s where our range of casual boots... step in!

This collection of casual wear wouldn’t look out of place on a high street shop window nor would they do any damage on the back of your bike. With a choice of Converse style boots from the popular TCX brand, you just know they’ll offer the same grip you need to stay safe on your bike.

What’s more, these casual boots offer concealed safety features you may not expect from everyday footwear such as soft, breathable leather, ankle guards and a waterproof lining to keep you dry and comfortable on those damp days.

TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots - Various Colours
TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots - Various Colours
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With their own unique style, colours and features, each boot is as much a fashion statement as it is a practical addition to your motorcycle wardrobe.

Want to try them on for size? Head down to our showroom for a huge choice of casual boots in sizes for the street lady and motor- mad man! If you would like to enquire about your favourite footwear, contact our expert team on 01254 297810 and we’ll answer any questions you may have


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